I made it

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Hello I made it...took a couple of trys to get logged in.

I love to play with my food and live for spices and seasonings.

I have a formal education in Culinary Arts and hope to learn some new ways of being creative in this site.

Talk soon

Wild taste
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Hello Wildtaste and welcome to Chef Talk. Come on into the playground, where we love good ingredients, cooking and eating! The members are from all over the world, so you're likely to find people who've used just about every imaginable spice, herb or other ingredient. I love to take my time wandering through my favorite local spice store (Penzeys- their headquarters is here). I've learned quite a bit from trying various of their products in my cooking.

Be sure to explore the whole site, not only the discussion board. The discussions are great, but you'd miss cooking articles, cookbook reviews, photos, wikis and more.

We hope you enjoy being part of this great culinary community.


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Well thank you for the welcome.

Sorry to be so long in replying but I have been out of the country.

I am well aware of Penzeys store in the US and actually have a copy of their catalog on my desk. They have a great selection of good things to cook with.

I love to cook and create new dishes and experiment as you suggest you do. Perhaps we can incite some others from around the globe to share their specific culture foods with us...what a great opportunity to learn.

So thanks again for the welcome...and I will soon become a part if the discussion groups.
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Welcome  to the forum, Wildtaste! Have a nice stay here! To have the education in Culinary is really great! You have chosen the right forum to know the new info!
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Finally I get here to reply.

Thanks for the note. It is very good to have a culinaty education.

To be able to understand the principles of food is a real treat. I love to cook and try to be creative.

I love to experiment with spices and spice mixtures.

So thanks for the reply.

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