I made Consomme today

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and it turned out perfecto :)

Soup de jour for the restaurant tomorrow i decided is going to be Julienne Consomme garnished with Egg Royal.

recipe for the consomme:
500g mirepoix
15 peppercorns
8 egg whites
4 tomatoes
6 litres beef stock
bouqet garni
1/4 litre white wine

cooked for 1 1/2hours simmering

separately prepared a Julienne mixture of vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, leeks, celery, onion and trimmed them to 1cm before gently cooking over a low heat, later to be added to the consomme

the egg royal was made with equal quantities of egg and milk, seasoning, mixed together then strained and cooked in buttered dario moulds in a bain marie. cooled and shaped into cubes for the garnish :chef:
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The recipe for your Consomme is easy to follow and all the ingredients here are easy to find to at the store. I can try this at home tonight. I wanted to know the taste of this soup you made. Thanks for sharing your recipe here.:suprise:
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bear in mind that the recipe i used was at work and would probably serve 15-20 people, you might wanna think about that before making a gallon of consome at home. the egg royals took 15 mins to cook @ 180 deg C
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that all depends on how much the consomme reduces while it is on the stove, the recipe i used started with 6 litres of stock and after straining it through a double muslin i was left with 5 litres of consomme or less and that was after simmering for 1 1/2 hour on the lowest heat
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Am picturing it from your description, and would taste very nice (as has been said, to be scaled down for home use).

Well Done!
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i was pleased with the results of this recipe, it went on the specials menu board as 'Julienne Consomme' as the soup for that particular evening service in the restaurant and went on to sell 15-20 portions that evening.

it was supposed to be the soup of the day but the breakfast chef complained to me when i got there in the afternoon that she didn't know how to make or even serve consomme, despite the fact that i had left instructions of Consomme + Julienne veg, garnish with egg royal.
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