i made a boo boo

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i need fast help!
im making croquettes and i used rice flour instead of regular..... is that
going to mess up my paste?

help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee


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What kind of croquettes? In general, if you're going to bread and fry the croquettes then it should be fine. Your croquettes are just going to be more starchy like rice cakes rather than spongy... if that's a good word to use.

I would be more specific with your question, it took me a while to try and figure out what you were asking, and then maybe I'm wrong because you may be making potato croquettes.
Joined Jan 8, 2004
Hey there

Thanks for your reply....
I made hame and cheese and spinach croquettes. They turned out alright after all.. i made a simple bechamel sauce and repaired my boo boo batch.

Happy to say they turned out delicious!

Thanks again :chef:

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