I love to cook and open to learning alot more!

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I just found this forum through Google and I'm excited towards taking a step like this to learning more about food.  At the moment, I'm a home cook who has dreamed of opening my own family restaurant one day.  I have no current experience working in a food related business, but I have been applying to many lately and hope to get a call back soon.

I look forward to reading and learning about food and the food business on Cheftalk.com

That's it for now :)
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Welcome to the wonderful forum chef talk .we will be looking forward for the next post with nice recipe for members to learn .
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Hello! Let me add my welcome to Rabicamail's, JLJonesTN.  Take some time to explore the site and see how things work here. For instance, all of the professionals' forums are available for you to read, but home cooks like you and I mustn't post there. However, we have the rest of the board for play, so let's get to it!

You may want to use our search tool, as we have about a decade's worth of information here.

We hope you visit often to learn, share and have some fun.
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