I know this is a long shot - "fried" chicken cooking/freezing method

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    Hello Everyone

    My father was a US processing meat inspector.   He came home one day with all the ingredients for chicken that one of the packing plants was making for a large restuarant chain (I forget which one, sorry).

    The method was to pressure cook all the pieces in a water/vinegar/honey mixture.  The pieces are then tender.   When done, you took them out, breaded them (just flour, herbs and S&P best I can recall.)    Then we froze them on cookie sheets, bagging them after they were completely frozen.   When you wanted some chicken, you took them out and cooked them in the oven until brown and heated through.

    I remember these being especially delicious, but I cannot remember any proportions at all.   Anyone with any ideas how I might go about this again?