I know an awesome recipe, but not the dish's name

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Hello there!
Million thanks for reading this. I seek help from those of culinary knowledge.
Ever since I was a kid, my mother and grandmother used to make a delicious roasted duck with Knödel and a pumpkin side. As you can guess, I am from Central Europe.
And this specific pumpkin side dish has a very weird name in our language and really doesn't help any much with translation. I failed to find this dish ANYWHERE in the english realm of the internet, so I need a kind soul with culinary knowledge to help me find out what the huck is this called.

Well, first, I wasn't even sure of how the method of cooking it is called. Through Czech-German-English translation, it came out as braising, HOWEVER, braising is first searing the dish and then letting it cook under lid. This preparation, however, only utilizes the second half.
The way this is made is by grating the inside of pumpkin (the final product is not smooth, so it's not like purée, you can see quite large pieces of pumpkin in it), then cooking it in pot covered by lid with very little water (you mostly only use the water released by the pumpkin itself). Wine vinegar and some spices, like cumin, salt are added.
And this is basically it. It tastes slightly salty, with noticable cumin taste.

I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could find a name for this dish. Steamed pumpkin scramble? Braised grated pumpkin? I really have no idea.

This is how it looks like:
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Thank you very much for your response!
It's called Dýňové zelí.
The reason why the name is so unhelpful is because its derived from Kyselé zelí, the Sauerkraut. The word "Zelí" means cabbage and is used in the pumpkin dish's name "Dýňové zelí" only because the dish resembles sauerkraut. It's literally called "pumpkin cabbage" and it's stupid, that's why I want to find better name for both Czech and English.
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The cooking technique you described is called steaming with little or no water. As for the name of the dish, I haven't a clue.
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Braising is a wet cooking method. To braise the ingredient is partly covered in water and cooked on the stove or in the oven.
Searing is a dry cooking method. The ingredient is put into a hot pan with oil in it.
Searing then braising combining two separate methods. The pumpkin dish would be simply braised pumpkin. Braised cabbage or greens is a staple of southern cooking and seared greens are very very bitter. Keep it simple.
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Thank you very much, everyone!
I was hoping for a simple name like "pumpkin purée", but "braised grated pumpkin" is good too. Guess there isn't any fancy short name for it?

Anyways, thanks a lot to you all!
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