I just found AMAZING food package/serving line!

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I was at an event and they were using the most beautiful disposables for the butler passed hors d'eouvres. So of course I asked where they came from. Turns out this company has been around a while but they are from France so still making a name for the US market. If you are looking for unique servers and a good selection of eco-friendly options check them out. www.solia-usa.com.  I have a big order coming for my next event of their palm leaf and bamboo products yay!!!
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Hmm they do have nice stuff....and while not expensive I wouldn't call em cheap either.

But you have to pay for quality, sure beats the stuff from the local Party Store.  

The bamboo leaf cones are pretty cool. Thanks for posting that. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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