I just excelled myself...how about you?

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I'm not posting this to brag, although i did just produce the most amazing Thai banquet for a bunch of pals tonight and I was feeling quite elated with the feedback. I knew I'd done good, which was enough, but the koudos hit the spot.

I thought it would be good to hear about other folks meals that were memorable because you just knew you'd excelled yourself and produced a top class meal/dish. Seemingly without trying too hard.

BTW the menu was as follows. Everything from scratch :-

Sticky rice and coconut jasmine rice
Green chicken curry
red beef curry
dry prawn curry
Whole sea bream in banana leaf
pork spring rolls
Chicken satay and peanut sauce
Green papaya salad (1st time i ever made it)
Steamed pak choy with oyster sauce (chinese i no, but it went well)

Everything was served at the same time and everyone was congregated in the kitchen as i was finishing up. It was going so well , one guest brought out an imaginary tv camera, while another did the comentary. It was so funny, I had to get the camera angles right as i presented the food.

It was a complicated meal,but it just happened like clockwork. It doest often work that way, but when it does it's truly memorable.

Amazing thing too... They were just as enthusiastic about clearing up too!! Must've been something in the air tonight
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Sounds absolutely delicious Bughut! Congrats on everything going so well and coming together so smoothly. It's kind of funny, it's nice to hear/see people enjoying your food. But you know when it "on" or not.

:peace: CONGRATS!

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Good Grief Bughut...Well Done!!!
That's an awesome menu to come together all at one time. Love that feeling when it works out good, on time, all together, and the buzz is just there. Lots of fun with the "tv" camera - hey you could do angle shots like in the original Batman series :D

I haven't done much entertaining last few years, been away from family and friends, but I've had the odd moment when the magic happens. One Christmas I remember, it was stinking hot, tiny house, only one air-con, about 20 guests parked all over the place.

Did a 10# red schnapper in the microwave (so as not to heat up the house with the oven-worked really well), lots of platters of European stlye meats, cheeses, antipasto, big baskets of various breads and sweet butter, big pot of chilli con carne, chilled watermelon and strawberries and rockmelon etc etc. Came together really well on that day. Loads of beer, champers; juice and soft drinks for the young 'uns. And believe it or not...cool pops hehe.

Was a great day.
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