I hope my years of experience can offer helpuful advice.

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Hi Im new here, well duh!,  obviously since i am writing this welcome forum.  But to be serious I am hear because i love cooking and the satisfaction, and discipline it gives me through making people happy and seeing them having a good time all because of a meal I cook for them.  An awesome meal can determine if a person has a good day or not,  it brings a smile to ones face, and makes them appreciate the beautiful things life has to offer.  I have been a qualified chef for 16years going on 17years,  its a hobby/job/addiction to me,  i will keep cooking for the rest of my life.  To become a chef and then to keep being a chef though,  your life involves lots of discipline  and dedication and lots of love for cooking,  because its really its this unconditional  love for cooking that will sometimes be  the only thing that will get you through to be succesful in life...

I hope to offer people advice in cooking techniques and selecting the best type of equipment to use for cooking whether it be knifes, pans, etc, to achieve perfect results and for people to impress and blow away  their friends with there culinary skills.
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G'day Marco

We've got a couple of Aussies on here - and it's a place I love and visit often!  I've got family in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and NSW.

I hope you will enjoy the site, we have lots of great blogs, wikis, articles and photographs on here.  Feel free to join in on threads you find interesting, or write your own.  We're always glad to hear from new members.  Our membership is from around the globe and all levels of culinary expertise, from the 'can't boil water' beginners, through the enthusiastic amateurs (I'm in that category) to masterchefs.
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