I have tons of green onions - what to do?!?

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My wife and I both bought several packages of green onions, without consultation each other, and now I have it way to much. If I don't make some dish that needs a lot of green onions, most likely 3/4 will go bad. So need a recipe/dish that uses a lot of green onion.

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Pesto yeh!

Fine-chop a whole bunch, sweat real good, add some tomatilo for sauce (green on green), throw in some chicken chunks to smother in it.

chop a whole bunch with evo, parm and garlic, toss in shrimp, or just about anything. Or damn the arteries and diet with cream and butter instead of the evo.

A replacement for the copious onions in an African Burbor chicken.

I don't overdo the onions when making Mukver, but I'd try it with GO's.
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You could make green onion soup. Instead of using white or yellow onions, just use the green onions. The green onions give the broth a very nice and subtle variation from the traditional flavors.

You could also make some Asian cuisine and use the green onion as a garnish or ingredient or both. Sweet and Sour Chicken leaps to mind along with anything fried rice. The green onions would also garnish a bowl of ramen very nicely (no, not the instant kind :) but, that would work too ). To that end, the green onions would add a nice flavor to homemade ramen broth as well. The recipes are easy and can be looked up on YouTube if you don't know any.

They can be used in greens salads in place of regular onions. Use them in chicken salad, potato salad, especially German Potato Salad.....they counter the sweetness beautifully. Use them in pasta salad or tomato or cucumber salad in place of onions.

Basically, anywhere onions go, green onions can follow.

Last, but, not least, you could grill or steam them and eat them as a side dish.

Good luck. :)
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The greens have good flavor. I save leek greens in the freezer for stocks and they lend well. Pesto is a great idea as is green sauce with tomatillos, jalpenos, poblanos, etc.
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If you can, just grill them whole, serve them as a side dish to carne asada or whatever, or with tacos...

Or braise them. Cut off the really dark green separated leaves (use that for pesto), keeping the white and light green cores. Slice in half lengthwise. Season the cut side.

In a pan slowly melt some butter. Place the green onion halves cut side down and hold them down in with a spatula while they sizzle and get a nice deep brown caramelization on the cut side. Take your time, that's the most important step.

Once you're happy with the color, add a bit of water to the pan. Cover and braise for a few minutes, until a toothpick or the tip of a good knife goes inside the onions without any resistance whatsoever. It should be literally melting in your mouth.

Serve cut side up.

While they're great like that, you can think of many ways to flavor them further. To the braising liquid, add your choice of ... a bay leaf, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, mustard seeds, capers... After they're done, sprinkle with grated lemon zest, or parmesan cheese, fried finely diced pancetta, toasted hazelnuts, sesame oil, breadcrumbs sautéed in olive oil, dill, fresh coriander.... the sky's the limit.
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