I have to share!

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We had a thread I couldn't find going about these a few months ago...

Guess what I got overnight shipping yesterday?

Krispy Kreme Donuts!! And thanks to a warm Texas day and a hot UPS truck -- they were hot!!!!!!!! Almost as good as just off the conveyer belt!

Had a couple of pounds of frozen Carolina BBQ a few weeks ago! Life is good.


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What are Krispy Kreme Donuts I've never heard of them. Must be something special to make you so happy. :)
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You know, when I was moving to Indiana, several people said excitedly to me:
"You will be able to have Krispy Kreme donuts!!! They're amazing!!!"

I remember driving home from Kentucky and having fresh donuts at 6 PM, but I still think Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Kreme donuts are the best in the world. Then again, maybe I just like frosting.... ;)

But there is nothing like a fresh hot donut, that I will agree with.

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Incredibly sweet donuts sold in Krispy Kreme shops mostly in the South and midwest and now in the northeast (NYC) and Starbucks outlets.

When fresh they have the consistency of slightly undercooked dough. Featured in the movie "Primary Colors" they are Bill Clinton's favorite. Full of fat, processed sugar, and very tasty.
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I drove by a Krispy Creme at 8:30pm 20 miles outside of Chicago....there were at least 15 cars lined up in the drive through...i thought of you guys....trully amazing.
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I think there is a Krispy Kreme that just opened in the Seattle area, but I haven't tried them yet. Maybe on our trip to the South in a few weeks we'll be able to give them a try. I've heard so much about them my mouth is anxious! My favorite is still a chocolate old-fashioned with chocolate frosting...love to break off the edges and dip in coffee.
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We are actually getting the first Krispy Kreme donut factory in the midwest in Effingham, Il. Oh man, hurry up and build the **** thing so I can get them regularly.


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Recently I went to KK to pick up three dozen for for a church meeting. It was crazy! I waited like a half hour and they actually ran out of dougnuts. That place is a gold mind. I hear they are building a manufacturing plan in the midwest.
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Just south of Denver in either Littleton or Greenwood Village a Krispy Kreme (sp) franchise opened a few days ago. People are literally waiting 2 hours, yes, TWO HOURS, in line just to get a couple of doughnuts. They're tasty but not worth the wait IMHO.

The lines are so long that local traffic has been disrupted. Now, 3 police officers are directing traffic in the area and the increased activity has caused many traffic accidents due to Looky Lou's.

So what if Krispy Kreme is in the Smithsonian.


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when at the NC School of the Arts in high school, my friends and I spent many a late night sobering up at the original KK donut shop in Winston-Salem, NC---a very surreal place at 2 AM, mind you. Since then, I have always associated them with good times, artistic conversation and hangovers. They are truly the best commercially made donuts ever-not greasy, light crispy glaze and no funky Dunkin'Donuts aftertaste hours after eating them. If you haven't grown up with them, I can understand why they have become such a sensation here in NYC and elsewhere.
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Glad to know y'all were here to answer the KK question. foodnfoto, we always used to go on KrispyKreme runs during exams -- never did understand why they didn't have one in Chapel Hill!

Margaret, I love your description of "these are the donuts angels serve in heaven"

I almost think you have to grow up with them and move away to understand the KrispyKreme phenomenon. When the KK opened in Houston, a local radio company sponsored 3 buses to go over from San Antonio to attend the opening!

One day about a year ago, Dad had flown in from NC and left a Krispy Kreme bag laying on the kitchen counter, we were all excited until we opened the bag to discover a bagel!! The bag was still laying on the counter when one of our B&B guests walked in and he was delirious witht he thought that he was in KK country -- boy was he disappointed! (he lives in Ohio and has since e-mailed to tell me that they now have a Krispy Kreme outlet.

All I can say is Boy were they good! I have a repeat guest coming back from Houston (who was here for the delivery--she passes KrispyKreme on her way to our B&B -- she has promised us a delivery...
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When I was about seven, my family owned a little Italian grocery store that was four houses from a donut bakery. I used to go inside and drool over the tall racks of Honey Dips and the chefs always gave me freebies. As I remember them, they were exactly like Krispy Kreme donuts. It was the only kind the bakery made. Such a sweet memory :)
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I don't eat doughnuts nowadays (although a Krispy Kreme sounds like a valid reason for a cheat! :p ), but I remember Spudnuts from my childhood. I think they were made with potato flour or starch. Anyone remember those? If you've tasted both, is there any resemblance? I recall they were light as feathers and crispy on the outside.
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I barely remember Spudnuts. We had one here in the burg. It is now called Swedoughs. Those swedes do know how to makes some tasty donuts. :D
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I've never had a Krispy Kreme, in fact I haven't had an actual doughnut in quite some time. We are getting a Krispy Kreme here in town soon, I think my curiosity will get the best of me then.

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I see these people going into ecstacy over Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and I wonder what they use for tastebuds. I have tried Krispy Kremes several times, and cannot see what all the hoopla is about. They are a decent doughnut, but hardly worthy of the adulation I see heaped on them.

When I was a kid, in Indianapolis, IN in the early 50's, there was a Spudnuts shop in downtown Indy that had doughnuts that put all others to shame. Spudnuts were made with potato flour, and were light, fluffy and delicious. They were addictive, and like Lay's claims about their chips, you couldn't just eat one Spudnut. You ever taste a Spudnut, and you will throw rocks at KK's, Winchell's and Dunkin's, believe me. In addition, I believe ( no empiric evidence) that Spudnuts were far more healthy than any other variety.

I saw where someone on the net claimed the Spudnuts chain was founded in 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I have to disagree with that, as I remember eating Spudnuts at age seven, and am now 60. Unfortunately, the Spudnuts shop in Indianapolis became the Knife and Fork Restaurant before I went to high school, and I graduated in 1965, so I know the 1963 claim is spurious.

They have several recipes if you do a Google search for Spudnuts, so you have a chance to experience the best doughnuts ever invented.
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Ya know I nearly sure there was a Spudnuts in Whiskeyta Falls, TX back when I was only a young whuppersnapper. I think there is some chinese folks who still follow the same recipe at certain doughnut shoppes.

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I got caught up in the advertising for Krispy Kreme donuts. So finally they opened one, and everybody just had to have some.

Man, was I disappointed. Actually, I wasn't disappointed, because if I'd have really loved them like the hoopla would have me believe, then I'd have had a weight problem. But I've got NO problem not eating anymore. They tasted like they were mainly sugar.

Definitely not as good as the donuts we used to get at the bakery next to Chef's Hat on Locust street in Davenport, Iowa.

After work at the restaurant at 2am in the morning, we'd go there and have the best donuts that i've ever eaten to this day!

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They look like something you'd buy in the toy aisle at Walmart ...

I really don't see the popularity.

Mass-produced, glazed, commercially frosted.

Oh, yummy....

Oh, well...


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I am happy for you that you got your guilty pleasure! However I personally have never liked Krispy Kreme. When they first showed up here I rushed out to try them after hearing other people gush about them. Gack! Way too sweet and I can't get past the mouthfeel. After I swallow a bite, it feels like my mouth has been coated in shortening. After seeing the response to your post though, maybe its just me. Maybe I should try them warm?

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