I have found my feet/new position update

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Well I think I have found my feet in my new role and I'm not sure just what clicked but something did and I feel like I truly ran the kitchen today and that I ran it well.

It has been a bumpy ride as the KS is (and always has been) trying to one up me but I stood my ground today and he backed down and did as I asked him to do. I know he did a half a**ed job on a couple of things but they take minutes to do so I added them to the list for tomorrow and our list for tomorrow is literally ten items long. Some portioning of cooked stuff, boiling eggs for egg salad, melons and pineapples for garnish and the usual daily things is all we have.

I kept my eyes on the board and my eyes on the grills when we were in the heat and when it got bad on one station I jumped in and helped out. When the KS tried to get people to do his work I said... do it yourself, you have time... and while he didn't like it he did do as I told him. At one point he asked me about the western mix in the walk in and I said yeah it is there, and use the one that is dated for the 13th... next time I looked at his line, it was stocked up and I am pretty sure he did it.

I'm not getting my hopes up as far as the KS goes as he is pretty random from day to day but he did appear to accept my word. I personally still have work ethic issues with him and actually a host who worked with him at the other chain location asked me what I thought of him and my reply was... as a person, he is great and I like him but if you mean as a worker I can't share that information."

So there is my update
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KS is Kitchen Supervisor. He is to run the kitchen in the absence of the KM and I. In al honesty I question his effectiveness but well.. it is what it it is and he will either rise to it or find the kelp forest ...
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Oh ok, thanks for clearing that up. I never worked in a place that used those terms for people. Just chef, sous chef and do-boys lol
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chef de plunge, :), good one.

Congrats Leeniek. The one thing I learned about managing people is to be assertive.
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That was nice to hear Leeniek, Kitchen supervisor serves great help in the kitchen. Congrats.
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We had a few 'la plunge' when I worked in the French Alp's, young ski bums washing dishes in return for room, board and a ski pass!:rolleyes:

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