I have been getting creative with recipes; but I could use some advice.

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I have lately been trying to be more creative with recipes from my cookbooks or those I find online; but sometimes trying to be creative can be tricky.
My question is: today I made a simple peanut butter square; and added Skor toffee bits, but I need to ask if anyone thinks I should have added more than one cup of flour?
The original recipe calls for 1/2 cup of peanut butter, 1 cup of flour, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. of vanilla extract, 11/2 cups of sugar,1/2 cup of butter or margarine; and then I added one package of Skor toffee bits, and a few handfuls of Harvest Raisin almond raisin cereal.
I made this once before; and think I added more flour, but didn't write it down, so it looked kind of soft still in the middle, and I had to bake it longer than the specified 30 minutes.
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Welcome to Chef Talk, bakergurl6. You have asked a good question.

I suggest you post a baking question in one of the baking forums for the best chance of our excellent bakers and pastry chefs seeing it and helping you work through your difficulty with the recipe.

You could also check our archives and use the search function on this site to look for topics that may offer some insights.

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