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Hello everyone,

                                 I have a question I wish to ask, I am a Vegetarian and was curios to see if I was the only one. I have eaten meat my entire life but last summer I stopped and I haven't look back. I know some secrets to cooking meat from my past. I have no issue with anyone who eats meat (some people try to make others feel bad, which is wrong.) I also am not a full vegan as cheese and eggs would be my "meat". I only ask to see if anyone else is as well.

I'm just curious.

Thanks for your time /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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It's certainly healthier and better for the environment.  I'm more selective about what meat and how much I eat but I don't think I could ever give it up.  Good for you!


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There aren't many vegetarians here on the forum boards, but we've had a few come and go over the years.  That being said, many of us non-vegetarians have had plenty of cooking for vegetarians and vegans so if you are looking for answers to questions ask away, because you will get some well educated answers.  The other side to that is, if you have any great vegetarian dishes or recipes you would like to share we would love to see.  I, for one, am a very happy carnivore but I do like to cook vegetarian on a semi regular basis so I'm always on the look out for vegetarian dishes where I won't miss the meat.
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Nope. As far as I'm concerned there are only two types of vegtarians:

A those who tell you what they can't eat

B those who tell you what they can eat

A is very common, b is very rare.
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Focusing solely on vegetables sometimes makes you elevate your cooking skills IMO. It takes more skill to make something great. Need to think hard about spices, flavor profile, textures
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                 Thanks for the kind replies. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to reply. I would love to ask questions when they arise to get answers from another perspective and I'm always looking for new dishes to try and I have a few recipes that if wanted I'd share.

Foodpump, I am in the rare category that you named.

And MillionsKnives, you are correct that as a vegetarian you have to extremely creative and branch out. In fact I've eaten things I've never heard of or even thought about.

I'm glad for the answers and all the kindness here. I look forward to learning and sharing from each of you.
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You will be surprised how kind, helpful, and supportive this community is,  You would be well advised to stick around and lay some more questions on us.

Me, I can't help because I'm a rampant carnivore, but others certainly will.

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Hi Lenny. I am an omnivore, although at home my diet probably tends more to vegan now that I actually think about it; but I have no hard and fast rules. I like food period!

When I had my own restaurant (12 years), my menu changed on a weekly basis and usually had 14-15 entrees on it with 3-4 of them being vegetarian and with at least 1 being vegan. I love the challenge of vegetarian cooking. It gives me some great outside of the box think time. Throwing a steak on a grill is easy, making vegetables the star of the plate takes more creativity and skill IMO. I always derived a lot satisfaction when self-admitted carnivores would order one of the vegetarian entrees because they sounded "so wonderful and unusual". It always made my day!

Vegetables...they are not just for sides :~)
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I am also in the same way. I had just started about a few weeks ago for loosing my weight. But facing so many problems so taking off in a weekend.
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I went the opposite direction. I was vegetarian for over 30 years. That is what got me interested in international foods/cooking/recipes.

I make a lot of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian & other Asian dishes and, luckily, live in a neighborhood where I can find any ingredient I might fancy. In all seriousness, that is what led me to live in the neighborhood I moved to over two decades ago. The markets are an endless source of fascination and inspiration.

I think the next cuisine I experiment with will be Ethiopian. There are more and more Africans moving to Chicago and, in addition to a number of excellent Ethiopian restaurants near me, there are now also a couple of markets.

So, my advice is go ethnic.There are lots of meatless (and often even cheese-less and egg-less) high flavor dishes out there from all over the world.
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I've noticed that about foods of the world, Chicago Terry. I find it fun to try to new things. I only knew about hummus on tv and when I tried it I loved it. I am also learning to make my dishes I used to make with meat (I ate meat a lot before this change) and convert to vegetarian style. I'd love to hear more about your dishes Chicago Terry.

That is interesting Cheflayne and you own a restaurant that is amazing.  I'm glad you gave options besides salad because as everyone states it is boring you have to be different. Sometimes I feel like I am learning to cook all over again. Veggies can be stars we have to give that chance to shine.

Thanks Kuan maybe I'll get to met IceMan.

Good luck on your weight loss GilbertoFarthi.

Thanks everyone, I hope I hear more from all of you. I really am enjoying myself on this wonderful forum.
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Right now one one of the most interesting chefs working is Yotam Ottolenghi. He is Israeli. He has restaurants in London. Plenty is vegetarian, I believe. His partner in the restaurant "Plenty" is Sami Tamimi, also from Jerusalem but Palestinian. Ottolenghi has several cookbooks that are worth a look & The Guardian--among other on-line media sources--often run recipes by him. My favorite of his cookbooks are Jerusalem and Plenty More. Check them out for absolutely beautiful, fresh and interesting vegetarian food.

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