I have a question for someone French or a French chef

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      I was wondering if you could give me the correct spelling of a French cooking tool used to drip fat over roasted skewered meats in the French medieval era. The tool is a small cone (maybe 4-6 in. long) open at the top (top maybe 4-5 in. across)... small hole at the bottom( maybe 1/8th hole)... that is welded to a long handle... all made of cast iron. The tool(the conical end) would be placed into the coals of a roaring fire. When RED HOT... the tool would be taken out the fire and a lump of fat(usually beef tallow) would be tossed into the cone. After the fat is in the cone … the cone is moved next to or into the flame to set the fat on fire… which starts cooking the fat and rendering it down and out of the bottom of the conical shape. The tool is then quickly moved over top of whatever is being cooked to allow the fat to drizzle over the meats to flavor and or cook them. The name SOUNDS like… flaam-ba-doo. Could you please help. Thank you for your time.
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Man now I want one.. this fits in my live fire cooking lifestyle.  Then again I just heat oil on a wok and ladle it over stuff to flash fry so..  I guess I don't strictly need a flambadou...
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That flambadou is flam-bad-ass!!  I need to make me one of those.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/drinkbeer.gif  


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Big.  The fireplace needs to be big with room for a grate and hanging meats.  I did it once before but that was a long time ago.  I might have pictures here.  
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I see what you mean.

One of the best meal I've ever had was someone cooking in a small, enclosed fireplace. Obviously limiting the quantity, but he was doing duck breasts over woodfire, and served fresh grapes that he had peeled... that memory is etched in stone in my memory.
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