I have a question about making ice cream.

Joined Oct 2, 2016
I tried making bubble gum ice and followed a recipe.  It turned out okay with a really nice texture, but the taste was more faint than what I expected.

So I tried making it again, but without egg yolks, like the recipe called for.  The taste was much stronger and tangier, and much better as a result.  However, without the yolks like the recipe says, the ice cream is much harder, and you have to wait about 20 minutes for it to melt enough to be soft enough to serve.  The texture is just not near as good either compared to with the egg yolks.

But with the yolks, the taste is too faint, cause the yolks seem to overpower everything.  Is their a way to get the bubble gun taste as it's suppose to be, but at the same time, not have the ice cream too hard?

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