I have a Dream and I Need Advice to Achieve it

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I have had this dream of a harvest pie for years and by dream I mean literally I had a dream about it and I want to know if its possible and how to achieve it. However, I've been to lost to even fathom how to attempt it and at this point I think I need professional advice on how to achieve it. I can make pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and apple pie (and I often do every holiday) but I wanted to see if there was a feasible way to combine these holiday treats in to one dream dessert.

First it would start off with a ginger snap crust then a layer of caramelized apples (very thin) on top of that is a pumpkin cheese cake with cranberry swirls and to finish a layer of pecans complete with the syrupy goodness essential to any pecan pie. In my dream all the flavors were perfectly balanced sweet, sour, savory, just heaven. The textures were smooth yet crunched at the right spots. BUT I have not been able to duplicate my dream pie.

Is there a way to do this? Is this one of those things that seems amazing but is just impossible? should I change the order of my ingredients (ie crust, apples, pecans then pumpkin cranberry cheesecake---that is what seems the most feasible to me)? Is there a way to ensure proper balance of flavors or is this just too much?
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Which part didn't ten out correctly? If you parbake the cheesecake enough to set then poured pecan pie filling. On top of that it should bake just fine, low heat and slow, I'd suggest 275

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