I hate Vegans (cooking)........!!!!!

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I'm really having trouble coming up with some GOOD vegan entrees......Does anyone have some idea's????? I always have some vegetarian entrees ready to go but I'm seeing more and more vegans coming in....whata ya got???
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Tofu Puttanesca, pretty much any sweet-glazed fried tofu goes over well. I do a version of palak paneer with tofu in place of the cheese, and coconut milk as a base for the curry sauce. I never feel totally satisfied with anything vegan I come up with, but I find that most vegans are just really grateful that you cared enough not to serve them some lazy last-minute pasta dish.
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I've seen some vegan maki rolls that are pretty good.  But then, I love rice.  A lot of vegetarian sandwiches are vegan  when they are made without cheese or vegan cheese.  There are many soy based dairy alternatives.  I used to drink soy milk in Korea when I was growing up..  but besides that, I never tried other products (ie. soy cheese, soy yogurt).  Served with a good vegan soup (endless options, there), I'd say that's a good vegan lunch entree.

Without those alternatives on hands, it's hard to be creative. I see a lot more vegan dessert than entrees..  Why is that??

When trying to come up with specials, or just whenever, I often go to http://www.tastespotting.com/.  I look at this site like a sex addict looking at porn sites at night.  I typed 'vegan' in the search box and there's loads of goodies.

When all else fails, there's always beer.. with some vitamin pills, maybe.

I couldn't help notice you're in Portland.  I'm relocating to Portland next month..  I hope to find a job there pretty soon.  It seems like nobody wants to hire a guy couple thousand miles away.
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3 bean salad?

I've done a butternut curry, kashmiri style for some vegans as well.

Something with sweet potatoes maybe?
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vegans....despite the ungodly gray color of their skin, they will most likely outlive us all. we see our fair share of vegans at the ranch as it just seems to attract people with healthier eating habits. most, i must say, are very grateful that you put as much care in their dinners as regular diners..they are use to getting 'sub par' fare outside their homes. as to what works?.. any kind of grain...quinoa, barley, farro etc., there are literally hundreds of different rices...red jasmine, basmatti, wild etc. all sorts of pastas, veggies.....just a plate of sauteed vegetables with pasta or rice, flavored however you like...saffron, asian, african, caribbean, italian, indian...skies the limit on flavors...you know the drill....no butter, cheese, dairy...i like stuffing things, like portobello mushrooms, acorn squash, poblanos etc....spaghetti squash is great, spinach enchiladas...there is tempeh, but i find the stuff horrid..of course tofu can be done in a myriad of different ways. i also use alot of dried fruits and nuts....i don't know what kind of food your restaurant serves(fast, casual, fine dining), and if you want to have just a couple of things to offer....other than fast food, you will most probably always have vegetables of some sort and rice or pasta....good thing about the stuffed foods is that they can be prepped ahead. my challenge at the ranch is that we have the same vegan guest sometimes for 3 or 4 days and so our offerings have to change daily. the real pitas are the gluten free vegans...vegans....they are here to stay, like it or not....and they are  growing!


forgot to mention, stuffed roasted potatoes...sweet potatoes, russets... both topped with veggies

legumes, legumes, legumes...lots of protein there

polenta, as a base for marinara or roasted vegetables
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Pharaoh's Pyramids an Eggplant pyramid filled with three Onion Couscous.  on a bed of Sun Dried Tomato Hummous Sauce and surrounded by roasted Cauliflower tossed with Dates and Pine Nuts

Grilled Stuffed Cucumber sprouted Mung, Adzuki, Lentil, and Garbanzo Beans; brushed with Chile Oil, grilled and topped with a Sesame Spinach Sauce and sprinkled with Aji Nori Furikake

Indian Style Lentil Cakes Patties made with Lentils, Corn, Zucchini, Fennel, Onion, and Celery, pan sauteed and topped with Curried Red Onions, then drizzled with a Mint and Coriander Raita

Grilled Stuffed Pattypan Squash stuffed with Cauliflower, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Swiss Chard, with a toasted Walnut Sauce

Moroccan Eggplant brushed with Charmoula, grilled, and served on a bed of Fruited Couscous and topped with a spiced Apricot Sauce

Farmers Market Tomatoes local vine ripened Tomatoes stuffed with Spinach, Napa Cabbage,Kolhrabi, Tofu, and toasted Walnuts Cabbage, then baked and topped with a Green Grape Garlic Sauce

Macedonian Stuffed Tomato a Hot House Tomato stuffed with Wheat Berries, Green Chile, Garlic, Parsley, and Rosemary, baked, topped with a Lemon Rosemary Vinaigrette

Double Mustard Stuffed Onions Sweet Yellow Onions stuffed with Mustard Greens, Radicchio, Sweet Potatoes, Yucca, Green Cabbage, and Spinach, then baked and topped with a Creole Mustard Sauce

Moong Dhal East Indian Green Lentil Stew. with Black Mustard Seeds, Cumin, Red Onions, Spinach, and Romas with a spicy Coconut and Date Broth
Tea Crusted Tofu and a trio of Greens Tofu seasoned with Green Tea sautéed with Asian Pear Apples, Radishes, Cherry Tomatoes, Enokii Mushrooms and served on a bed of pan seared Bok Choy, Dandelion, and Beet Greens
Low Country Stacks Stacks of braised Parsnip and grilled Green Tomatoes, topped with a Sauce Piquante and a julienne of deep fried Parsnip

Hoppin' John Cakes Cakes made from Black Eyed Peas, Garlic, Jalapenoes, and Wild Rice, sautéed and topped with a Tequila, Lime Salsa Sauce
Kenyan Vegetable Curry an African Vegetable Curry with Potatoes, Green Beans, Green Peas, Cauliflower, and Collard Greens served on top of Black Eyed Pea Pancakes

Turkish Eggplant and Lentil Stew with Pomegranate Molassesa slowly simmered stew of Eggplant, Lentils, Onions, Tomatoes, and Anaheim Chiles, seasoned with Mint and Red Pepper Flakes, and drizzled with Pomegranate Molasses

Stuffed Jonagold Apples, stuffed with Oyster Mushrooms and Mustard Greens, baked in a hot oven and topped with an Apple Cider Sauce

Awendaw Stacks a Native American Cornbread, grilled, layered with grilled Portobello slices and braised Greens, topped with another slice of Awendaw and smothered with a Vegetarian Brown Sauce
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wow Layne, that's a serious vegan menu.....

I've actually catered a vegan/celiac wedding, thank goodness it was in July.

Corn risotto, finish with earthbalance creamer/ butter-like spread, fresh corn too.

Red pepper stuffed with quinoa, raisins (or currants, or golden raisins), cashews, onions....romesco type sauce, fried chickpea garnish....

Pasta with miso sauce, slivers of different colors of beets....top with chives

Vegetable fricasse.....fingerlings, artichokes, chippolines, haricot verte, whatever mixes well with the combo, in a tarragon/dillweed/chive, white wine, veg stock sauce.

Lighter is Asian lettuce wraps using fried tofu/bamboo shoots/fresh water chestnuts/carrots/daikon...pimped out hoisin sauce...chopped nuts/scallions on top.

Parsnip & carrot ribbons with morels or mushrooms sauteed with garlic scapes or something on that order on top....


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This has been a recipe I adapt for vegetarians a lot.


Sub the chicken stock with a little wine, or vegie stock, use some more olives to offset the cheese saltiness. Fairly versatile pasta dish and popular with the meat eaters too. Granted, you'll have to adapt it a little further for restaurant use instead of home use.
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This has been a recipe I adapt for vegetarians a lot.


Sub the chicken stock with a little wine, or vegie stock, use some more olives to offset the cheese saltiness. Fairly versatile pasta dish and popular with the meat eaters too. Granted, you'll have to adapt it a little further for restaurant use instead of home use.
Perhaps I'm misinformed, but for vegans, wouldn't subs have to be found for:
  • Heavy cream
  • Butter
  • Parmesan cheese
as well as totally replacing the chicken stock with vegetable stock?



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Hmm. I've made this recipe for years from the orginal broadcast. Cream and butter weren't on it then, or at least in what I wrote down. Perhaps he had to adapt it for publsihing on the website to not infringe the copyright in the book? I didn't read it closely on the website as I assumed it would match the original version. Maybe my brain is going.

But yes, you're right, they would have to be adapted out as written.
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I have a guest I think you would love, right now.

Shes vegetarian, and unable to digest fat. So that means, no nuts, no oils, no butter, cream, avocado, eggyolks etc.

Having a 3course menu, for 7 days.

Gotta love that kind of guests.
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The problem with cooked vegetarian dishes is texture. Tofu loses its shape when too moist. Mixed vegetables just don't look appetizing, and if composed, they look like they are prepared as mise en place. To solve, dehydrate anything that can be a substitute for protein and cook it like you do in meat dishes. Pasta with dehydrated shiitake chips does not look nasty. If you do it right, the chips taste even better than bacon. Dehydration works that even a slab of tofu can have a white chicken meat consistency if done right.
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Some nice ideas here!  Sometimes I think people with specials diets just like to hear themselves say it.  There are usually vegan and vegetarian choices on every menu, and if vegans and vegs go to regular restaurants, they're not expecting a dish like cheflayne posted (although they all sound wonderful!).   What they're not looking for is something that mimics meat.  Making tofo or anything look like chicken or taste better than bacon is  missing the point.
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Well your thread title made me laugh :)  You hate vegans, but you want to cater to them? If theyre just that much of a nuisance are you sure you want to?
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I love my meat but I also love Horizons restaurant in Philadelphia. It's vegan and wonderful. The owners, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, have published two cookbooks. I have one and can recommend it, and will be getting the other.
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As a vegan, I'd like to add that protein makes a meal.  Please fill us up!  A can of beans go a long way.  Tofu is tough to do right, so unless your line has practiced, it's probably not a go-to option for that once-in-a-blue-moon vegan.  Veggies w/ pasta are boring & I feel like professional chefs ought to be able to do better.  Of course, I always say I'm vegan as I make my reservation & call again that morning to make sure the kitchen has gotten the message -- so there's no excuse for pasta & veg.  Depending on the fanciness of your restaurant, truffle oil is awesome for making regular veg cuisine special (whipped potatoes with truffle oil?  yes, please).  Smoked salt makes regular vegetables richer.  It's tough to get that umame (sp?) flavor in vegetarian fare, but smoked salt & mushrooms help.

To sum up, give us protein & deep, rich flavor, and avoid pasta & veg and you'll have many happy yelp.com posts from satisfied vegans.  And we are a loyal patronage.

p.s. If you keep a drinkbox or two of aseptically packaged soymilk on a dusty shelf in the back somewhere (at about $1 a piece), and are then able to offer soy milk with that vegan's coffee...she will kiss your feet.
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cheflayne, your post was dyn'o'mite, yours too shroomgirl. I hope I'm not doubling up too much with this one, at least I'm including pics. LOL @ Me I guess. I make this same type of dish using a "couscous tabbouleh" mix. I stuff it in either peppers or tomatoes. 

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* Swap out the "shaved parmesan cheese" for whatever you like replacement-wise, and your good-to-go, I think. 
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