I hate being SLOW.....

Joined Sep 2, 2009
Man is it slow around here.....so i need you all to post alot more stuff so i can be on the computer and still have it work related......LOL
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I'm more than happy with the pace, but you could could always speed it up yourself.
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I hate when it is SLOW at work... Mondays are incredibly painfully slow for me...

And on here.. I worked today.. it was an average saturday... had a newbie do a stupid but that's a topic for another post...lol
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we've talked about shaging the waitress, stealing food, what we've learned, how badly we've cut ourselves-what's left.......?:rolleyes:
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Hmmm... selling sketchy looking plates, working drunk (not me personally but I got a story...lol)
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oy....you guys with the Brit accents sure have interesting adjectives.

there's a newbie down in food questions that needs a lot of HELP!.....it's an exercise in designing easy to cook, low fat, healthy meals for a week on a tight budget.....apparently there's not even basic knowledge involved. No screwing up the newbie guys....I see that naughty look in your avatars.
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You could work on your menu, or there's always something to clean and always a new technique to learn. Slow doesn't mean stop working, it means you finally have time to improve something.
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Speaking of accents, we were in Disneyworld a few years ago my son, the smartaleck decided he was going to wear his canada t-shirt that day. I think the "are you from Canada" remarks really got on his nerves after a while but when we were waiting to get into a show there was an older couple near us and they asked us where in Canada we were from and then they told us that they knew we weren't Americans because of our accents. They had thought we were British at first when they heard us speak. We don't think we have accents but people in Newfoundland do!
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