I got the job!!

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This morning's meeting was a formality for them to go over their offer of employment with me and for me to sign that I accepted the terms.  The exectuive director wanted to talk to me because the position I was offered was not one I had applied for but they wanted me on their team so I will be working in the deli making pizzas and cutting cheese.  Eventually everyone will be crosstrained on everything so there's lots of room for growth.  Right now we will be making food for twenty five stores and if Loblaw's  finds it to be successful then we will be going Canada-wide across their group of companies.  That will involve a new facility being built and those of us who opened the commissary will be training the new hirees. 

I'm excited and I'm looking forward to the experience.  From what I've heard it's very hard to get into head office but it is one of the best places to work and they treat their employees very well.

The pay was in the offer and I'm quite happy with it.  It's $2/hr more than I made when I was assistant KM and the same as I'm getting at the soup kitchen.   I am keeping the soup kitchen though as  it is a relief position and I'm one of four relief cooks and I really like it alot.  

The commissary is still under construction... the physical plant is up and now they need to get moving on installing the equipment.  The open date has been pushed back again.. it was originally for the 15th of the month and now it's the 1st of September.  I had a tour today and it's a big empty maze of white walls with the skeletons for fridges and freezers in place. 
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Great, I hope it works out well. Guys always like a girl that could "cut the cheese" I'm sure you will be right up there with the best of them.......................Your Buddy............Bill
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HA HA Bill!  I am great at "cutting the cheese" so I guess it's a perfect fit!!   It will also include prep and floating as cheese does not need to be done every day.  There's a big adventure here and I'm ready for it.
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Congrats.  I thought when you posted they wanted your ID that the offer was yours.  I wish you great success and upward on the ladder of training.  Well done!
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