I got scammed!!! Fraudulent bank draft!

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Just a heads up to everyone, check your bank statement.

There is a big scam out there, where someone associated with mortgage loan providers, an employee or contractor, is selling bank account info.

This info is then used to setup fraudulent bank draft subscriptions in the amount of $25-35 every month.

If you call the number that appears on the check they claim they are just an innocent payment processor, and not affiliated wit the website, in my case there was not even a website that existed. (also the payment processor directs you to their website which is hosted in Luxembourg).

I only use this particular bank account a couple of places, one being for payments for my mortgage, and I've found quite a few other people online, with the same mortgage provider I use,  who received a similar charge from the same payment processor.
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I check my bank transactions daily so anything fraudulent will be caught right away.

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