I decided to "wing it"

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So, What are your favorite ways to prepare this over done bar food :)

I was prepping some up today to chow down with my family later as we watch the yankees win the series:cool:

I was making a marinade and thinking about how many ways chicken wings are made these days.
Although I have not been able to track down a Buffalo with wings to try,I do enjoy chicken wings. I like mine real hot,slightly sweet with a nice vinagery edge.
How about you?
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I dig teriyaki wings... also, tempura battered or breaded like southern-style fried chicken (only smaller.... much smaller), honey-bbq.... but the best is fried and tossed with Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix. :lips:
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I likes em anyway ya doo em!

I especially like them when they've been fried with a coating of flour and soaked in a sweet pepper sauce. Like a golden syrup with garlic and chilis. Or just soaked in garlic oil. Tabasco seasoning. And of course plain old Buffalo Hot Sauce which is a little different than Tabasco.
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Vinegary is good, spicy is also. I like 'em any way too. But we mustn't forget honey mustard, heavier on the mustard than the honey.
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I'd rather bake them than fry them. I think they have enough fat on them the way they are.
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I like them from the oven too, Momo. I rinse them, pat them dry, then dust them with spices: pepper, garlic powder, maybe some oregano and, if I'm in the mood, a good dowsing of Old Bay Seasoning. I put them on a rack over a baking sheet, turn on the convection, and blast them until they're nice and crispy. I have no objection to eating them fried as long as they're not breaded. I just don't want to fiddle with deep frying at home, and the oven's so much easier.
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Brad, you inspired us.

We just went to the store and picked up some wings so we can eat while we watch 'the massacre' (hahah).
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one of my first restaurant jobs was at a place where we sold a lot of buffalo wings.

we would roast them first in a convection oven to cook them through, them deep fry them to order to crisp the skin.

then....the classic buffalo wing sauce is equal parts melted butter and "frank's" hot sauce.

have fun watching the game...it's been a really entertaining series so far...


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I agree Momo they are better bake. I marinate mine in a honey garlic chili sauce for a few hours. Bake at high temperature. Cook the marinade and serve it on the side as a sauce.
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About that "massacre"... its 10-zip, Arizona. Anybody taking bets?? :eek: But make enough wings to cover Game 7, also!!
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