I could have made a LOT more money over the years!

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I read this article a couple days ago and almost fell off my chair.

It's amazing what some people will do,it however confirms the importance of training and "Documentation"
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And while he's at it, he might want to sue Columbus for introducing avacadoes to Europe.
I once had the opportunity to sit on a jury for such a trial. The plaintiff was suing a manufacturer of electrical switching products as a result of injuries incurred from an accident. As trial progressed, we found out that the plaintiff, who was not an electrician by trade, removed the cover of the switch box without disengaging the electric current, bypassed the built-in safeties, and stuck a screwdriver in to the wiring. The wiring promptly exploded, spraying him with bits of molten metal, and rendering him unconscious. They had to take a recess because all the men and some of the women on thejury were laughing histerically. We found for the defendant. In this litiginous age, he might win!:eek:
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Good one. Maybe you can re-open an old wound and take it to a former employer, chrose.
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****, I'm still working on the last one! I have 2 days of medical testng and evaluations coming up this month that I have to travel down to Md., again, for! After that it should (hopefully) be a final court apperance in Baltimore and we'll be done with this chapter! I hope!:rolleyes:
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having been diagnosed with the big C 10 years, I was devistated when my wife was diagnosed with BC. I took the role of care giver and worked 24 hours a day making sure she got the proper treatment nad the right care without any mistakes.
Long story short, full rdical mastectomy with remival of all lymph nodes for prognoses. Well since I could not be in the surgical room I did not notice the surgical nurse throw my wifes nodes in the garbage. No prognosos, no idea of the severity, etc. Ok lets give her a bone marrow transplant just to be on the safe side.
Well all these frivolous sp? law suits make me puke. The legal system sucks. If we had walked into the hospital cafeteria and spilled coffee on ourselves we would have been compensated.
sorry, bad day, got a returned check from an attourneys firn for muffins.
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I was asked to be THE chiropractor for Cancer Treatment Centers Of America on the Monterey Peninsula. They offer a far better program than the insensitive capitalist pigs of which you describe, panini.
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Lawyers , do they realy care ? Shakespear said it best . " The first thing we need to do is to kill all the lawyers "
Well not realy but , do we need to continue to feed them with our chains of suffering ? When you realy learn how to suffer then who suffers ? You can feed the pain or you can accept and see what is not touched by this .
My 2 cents , Doug......................
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