I cook, therefore I am.

Joined Apr 13, 2016
Hello from Wimberley, TX . . . 

I've cooked since I was tall enough to reach the stovetop. Mom taught my siblings and I how to scrambled eggs, then we moved on to other breakfast foods. That way she and dad could sleep-in weekends, and my older sibs and I could take care of ourselves! 

I always had a passion for cooking. Never trained professionally, but was an avid reader. I worked as a bartender, waitress, manager and personal chef. I catered openings for our local community theatre and for friends. My husband and I entertained often, so I had fun catering those events for friends and family. When we built our house, I got to design my kitchen and started teaching cooking classes. What a joy to share that passion. 

I love doing everything from the bottom up. I grow veggies and herbs, and I've always kept a few chickens for eggs. It doesn't get more rewarding than that! I've always said, food should nourish as well as taste great. I'm retired now, but the grand-kids know there's always good food at B-B's house! Let's eat!
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