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PLEASE,  give us(me)  a run-through on how to properly grill beef ribs. I can do a lot of things well, but those ainte included. They come out either nice med-rare and tough, or tender as you could want but cooked-to-death. I'm sorry for sleeping through that class. 

Also, how do you pick out beef ribs? What do you look for? 

TIA for being here w/ us, and answering our ?'s
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Iceman, good beef ribs are hard to find here. Unless you are speaking of the dinosaur bones that come from deeper on the rib cage, it is back ribs we are talking about. These are the bones that come with boneless prime rib steaks and roasts. Because the meat attached to them sells for such a premium, it is in the butcher's best interest to carve as close to the bone as possible. Your best bet is to buy a prime rib roast and ask the butcher to be more generous in carving the roast off the bones. Once you have them, marinate overnight in a good red wine-based marinade, then drain and dry with paper towels. Season well. Smoke-roast between 225 and 250 degrees for 2-1/2 to 3 hours, or until the meat between the bones is tender, but not overcooked. I don't usually sauce them as the meat is so good on its own. But you can certainly do what you wish there.

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