I can hardly wait!

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Thanks to a family connection and a bit of good luck, my husband and I got tickets to a preview showing of the new Star Wars movie on May 11! :bounce::bounce:

We're hoping it's MUCH better than Episode I. I've read a bit of buzz, and it's generally positive. We shall see........
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You lucky dog, you! :D How the heck did you get tickets?! :eek: I want tickets! :cry: I LOVE Star Wars and can't wait to see the new one. :bounce: :bounce: I waited in line for THREE hours for tickets to see Episode 1 at the Zigfield in NYC. And they were for the NEXT day! :eek: I can't believe you got tickets already! :confused:

I'm pea green with envy! :D See! :p

Jodi :cool:
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Congratulations on the score! I know it might sound ridiculous, but I'm waiting for the second Harry Potter movie to come out, since my daughter got me hooked on the books.

The author should never have gotten married until she was done with the 7 book series. She stalled at #5 enjoying all that bliss...
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Mezzaluna I am so jealous are you seeing the movie in Madison? If your husband suddenly falls ill or has to work late or anything else I would be glad to take his place(just so you wouldn't have to watch it alone) hehehehe . Have a great time though I am very excited to see it myself (just have to wait for the 16th)
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Well, my brother-in-law works for one of the toy companies that has a deal with George Lucas. I don't want to say just where the showing is, but it's not in Wisconsin. :p

I'm also waiting for the next Harry Potter movie, and can hardly keep my skin on for LOTR: The Two Towers!!! I've waited since about 1967 to see that.

I'll post a review after I've seen it.

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