I Bake, therefore, I Am.

Joined Nov 8, 2018
Hello everyone!

I am excited to join this community of bakers, and to be a part of the journey with you all. Baking got me through film school, rough relationships, and now, my current stressful job. Whenever I was overwhelmed and distressed by the day, instead of coming home and sleeping, I would bake a batch of cinnamon rolls or muffins and everything would be okay. Bad day? I bake. Broken heart? I bake. Overworked and exhausted? Muffins are there for me, soft, steaming, and lovely. Baking is a healing ritual, and a comfort in the storm.

I am looking forward to reading about all of the recipes that give you joy so that I can try them.

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Welcome to CT Rachel!

I appreciate the passion in your words! I can almost smell the aromas of your work!

If you want to try something different, experiment with Choux Paste. I love the flexibility of this product because it works for both sweet and savory. You can also pipe it out in various shapes as well. I've piped out a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a secretary Day event once! I also keep piped out Gougères in the freezer for a tasty, warm, bite whenever desired and bake from frozen in 10 minutes.

Anyway, Welcome again!
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Welcome Rachel,

I'm not the best baker of sweet treats but I do appreciate the work of others. I like to bake bread mostly. I notice you went to film school - so did I!
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