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    So... $40/hr for a fresh-out-of-culinary-school-graduate to make breakfast only? That sounds like a pretty solid business plan to me. ROFL! 


    About the Company: 

     Hello. My name is Jimmy, I am starting a small catering company called: "The Crepe Escape"; yes you guessed it, we specialize in making crepes. But our menu consists of other loved breakfast style food items as well, such as: Sandwiches, French-Toast, Waffles, Super-Food and organic smoothies, Italian Sodas and Yogurts. 

     What Are We Looking For:

     -Attention to detail: from the small details to the big picture and everything in between is very important. We pride ourselves in the taste and quality of each plate prepared.

     -Proficiency: We need staff who are proficient in preparing food that looks and tastes great in an efficient way. In most cases you will be cooking right in front of the customers so having a good personality and maybe a style to your culinary art is very important. But most importantly, MAKING THE FOOD LOOK AND TASTE SO GOOD THEY WILL GUSH ABOUT IT TO THEIR FRIENDS.

     -Travel: being able to travel will be very important as we will be catering to venues state wide.

     -Personality: You are kind of the highlight of the show. As you will be speaking with customers and preparing food for them we need someone with a positive energy, good people skills. A unique style to your culinary art is a plus.
     In a nutshell just someone who really ENJOYS AND LOVES WHAT THEY DO.

     -Availability: venues come at different times and dates. The schedule will be an on call style of work. We will provide as much prior notice as possible (1 week prior notice at the latest).

     Executive Head Chef Requirements:

     -2 years work experience as head chef
     -Degree in Culinary Arts (Those w/ degree aren't required work experience, but it is preferred)

     -Clean and Sanitary
     -Attention to detail
     -Proficient and Efficient
     -Willing and able to travel
     -Enjoys and Loves making delicious food for others

     Thank you for your interest in working with The Crepe Escape. I look forward to working with you.

    Compensation: $40/hr
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    I just saw this! Amazing! lmao.

    Hell, I'd flip thin pancakes all morning and flirt with ladies in line for only 30 bucks an hour. BARGAIN!

    I'd even throw in some flair and style!

    **Wonders what he's REALLY looking for. ** /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif