I am trying to create a thick 5oz-6oz cookie, but the middle is always raw !!! PLEASE HELP

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Hello, I am new to this fórum. Sorry for this being such a long post. I live in San Jose, Costa Rica and I am trying to recreate cookies from a famous cookie bakery in New York City. Similar to Levain bakery or Chip NYC bakery or Duchess Cookies, etc. I lived in New York City my whole life and moved to Costa Rica. Now I would like to open a cookie bakery here and am in the process of it, but I am having trouble with the récipes. I have been working on these récipes for a while now and am having problems with them being raw inside.

Costa rica is known for its rainy season, and my apartment is hot (because they are building the mini mall where i am going to open the bakery), and i try and close the doors also and put the fan on (no A/C yet) . I Will have some soon. There is probably more info I Will forget about while writing this, I have tried almost everything, and am continuing. Because I think it is humid, I am going to try and cook them at an even higher temperature tomorrow because I read that the moisture Will evaporate quicker like that… I Will update

First, San Jose is about 3,800 feet above sea level, but I just used a lot less leavener and the cookies seem to come out alright in form without sinking in the middle. But always raw !!!! I have cooked them on 400f, 375f and 350f and have alltered my récipe a million times. I start with normal thick cookie récipes from online..
I even browned half the butter to take out moisture from the cookie, and the middle still comes out raw. today I cooked some on 400f and the middle was still Little raw and it hit 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of the cookie... I do not get it. My oven is a Venix, its small, convection, and if i try and cook them longer then the outside of the cookie gets really ruined.. even on 375 the outside Will cook way too much and still tiny bit raw. on 350f they cook all the way through but the outside is so overcooked by then it taste like really crispy butter sugar cookie flavor.. ewww

The way i want them is like this bakery on Instagram @chipnewyorkcity

Crispy on the outside and soft moist on the inside (but not raw), sometimes their potos look a Little raw inside but not always, most of them arent raw at all in the middle, but slightly underbaked. I love their cookies.

I even hired a pastry chef in NY to help me with the recipes and his are a normal récipe using like 226g butter, 1 cup Brown sugar, ¼ cup White sugar, 2 cups all purpose flour, 1 cup cake flour, 2 eggs, baking soda, salt, etc. And they came out fully cooked on 375f for 15 mins, and my father went and tried them and loved them. Now if i did that récipe here in my venix oven in my hot humid apartment, they would be raw in the middle.

I dont know if the oven is too hot, or too powerful with the fan, or too small and powerful and hot, or the apartment is too hot or too humid, or the elevation, or the ingredients here, etc, but i need to get this right because it is going to be my business.

I have cooked them from frozen, from chilled, everything…

Here is an Example of the latest recipe
2 cups All purpose flour
1 cup Cake flour
1 tablespoon Cornstarch
1 teaspoon Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Salt
115g butter
115g butter (browned) so weighs les after
200g Brown Sugar
70g White Sugar
2 eggs (110g)
1 tablespoon Vanilla extract
300g Chocolate Chips kirkland semi sweet

Please help me, thank you so much if you read the whole thing, sorry for it being so long =/
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