I am not really new

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but I am new to this board.

Not a chef, but I do like to cook and garden, and am particularly proud when everything on the table comes from my garden, which includes a chicken yard. ( I am so clever--I built my chicken yard and henhouse myself--I had never even built a bird house before.)

I also like to pick and prepare wild foods, like berries and greens and mushrooms, and have even been hunting a time or two, for rabbits, grouse and squirrels. I may deer hunt this fall, if I get my courage up.

Divorced mom of 2 grown boys, I now feed and clean up after 2 dogs and 3 cats, most of which spent the majority of their time outdoors--much easier than children. The neighbors fuss if you leave kids outside in the pen while you go to work.

I want a tractor and a table saw for Christmas, and I am going to raft the Grand Canyon in the spring.
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Welcome Sparrowgrass,

I love your name, is it native American?

Tell us of some of the ways you prepare your wild eats!
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Hi Sparrowgrass! Sounds like you live an interesting life. Welcome to the community, and we'll look forward to your posts. We have a number of mushroom-lovers here, including a well-loved one form Missouri (shroomgirl). Be sure to stop in all the forums and check out the archives, too.
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"sparrowgrass" is an old english word for "asparagus"--my favorite food, I think. During the season, I run out to the garden and pick it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is an interesting site.
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Hi Sparrowgrass~
wow...you lead a diverse, active life.
Thanks for allowing us into it in even a small way...have fun :bounce:
I love that lil green guy **** it...
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Yep, mr fireperson sir, I do have an interesting life--I think that is a Chinese curse, isn't it?

I am recently divorced, and I feel like I have absolutely blossomed in the last 2 years, since the Evil One ceased being a part of my life. I can DO ANTHING?

Except, I need a strong man to help me get the bump knob off the weedeater.
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No strength required. Just keep figuring it out. Took me quite awhile (and I've built and repaired machinery.)

What kind of tractor you looking for?

Now, guys, this is cooking related. Some of the best cuisine has been prepared on a tractor's exhaust manifold. :D
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