I am interested in home yogurt machines.

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    Does anyone have experience with these? Since my home made ice cream is better than store bought, I thought I would try home made yogurt? And how do you get the starter culture?
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    Hello I actually make yogurt quite regularly and have written an article about here.

    Since writing that article I now use a Yogotherm and get the best most consistent results. Here are the steps I use.

    The yogurt incubator I use is called Yogotherm


    Scroll to the bottom of the page.

    The culture I use is: ABY-2c


    After you order those here are the steps:



    Quality of the milk is obviously important. Get the best quality you can. For myself I have been using Oberweiss whole milk.



    This is critical to the success. Heat the milk to 180 degrees and then let it cool down to 118. Once it reaches 118 add the culture. Once you add the culture you have to keep the milk around 80-100 degrees. I have been using the Yogotherm incubator and it works very well. Can only produce 1/2 gallon at a time but you can easily purchase several of them. Another decent method is a heating blanket in a cooler.



    This is what really makes the yogurt. You have to get the right culture. I have been using ABY-2C available from the Dairy Connection (https://dairyconnection.com/commerce/catalog.jsp?catId=11) You only need a small amount (1/8 teaspoon for 1 gallon of milk). This culture will get you the tang,

    Thick and Creamy texture


    You need to add some powdered milk. For a gallon of milk add 1/2 cup of powdered milk. Add this to the milk and mix well prior to heating up the milk.



    With the yogotherm incubator I let it go for 8 hours and it comes out just perfect.

    There is also a good book review by Chef Pete here:
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    Been making yogurt for almost 40 years:
    1. Heat a 60-40 percent mixture of half-and-half to 150F then allow to cool for five minutes
    2. Add two TBS of OIKOS plain yogurt (or any other plain high quality yogurt) and mix thoroughly
    3. Place mixture in a Salton Yogurt maker for about 12 hours or even slightly less
    4. Chill overnight then serve.
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