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Help Needed

We are remodeling and making kitchen bigger than what we have now. We are looking for new appliances. So far we liked

Dacor- Epicure- 36 inch cooktop
Reasons: Good looking, 15000 BTU- 6 BURNERS, CONTINUES GRATES- Most important for us is Porcelain surface, which can be easy to clean

Dacor-Epicure- 30 inch- Range and Microwave combo
Reasons: Matches cooktop and does good job

Mille- Dishwasher:
Reasons- One of the best in the market (That's what I believe)

Need feedback and recommendations for Refrigerator.
Please give me any other ideas if you have.

Thank you very much
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Sub-Zero. Only decision (IMHO) is how big a unit can the room accomodate.
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Just be sure the shelves of whatever appliances you are buying will accomodate the sizes of your baking pans (ovens) or serving trays (refrigerators). There is a model of Sub-Zero refrigerator that has 12" deep shelves- not very good for trays when you're entertaining!
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