i am a culinary student and i havea practical due in a month?

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i been thinking about roasted airline chicken previously wet rubbed with lemon juice, garlic, black pepper and fresh thyme and rosemary, with a pumpkin rissoto on the side for my starch and for the veggies a ratatouille grilled or sautee, and i have not think about the garnish yet!

does it sound too heavy or too overpower?

please advice about plate presentation on this dish and for the sauce a creole sauce made with fresh tomatoe.
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Chefaldo, You really need to take a moment and look at your thoughts here. You are all over the place, Take the time to share this with your instructor. He/she will surely help clarify the lack of cohesiveness and harmony you present here.

Good luck, and I hope you return with a better formulated concept.
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