I Agree with Marc Forgione "I Would have told the reporter to leave"


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I Agree with Marc  Forgione "I Would have told the reporter to leave"

To walk in to "Your Kitchen" and tell you anything is absurd.

They walk into your establishment and think they are "in charge."

I would fire the Maitre d' if he let one in the dinning room.

They act like the one in the movie "Mystic Pizza" or worse.

I would just tell them I didn't need or want  their opinion./img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif



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This incident, unfortunately, replects the sense of entitlement that NYTimes reporters carry around with them. "I'm a NY Times reporter, you see, and therefore have the right to go anywhere I want, say and do anything I care to, and, because I have access, put any sort of spin on the story that I want. And there's none to say me "no.""

I can almost guarantee that Liebers "perhaps I could have handled it better" apologia (which, btw, is what the Times calls balanced reporting) did not result from considered afterthought. I have no doubt his table guests were likely appaled at his crass behaviour, and made comments to that effect.

What's more, judging from the aftermath, it must have really been a slow news day in New York.
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Time this Chef takes off his Chef''s Robe, and get out of the " Kitchen is a sacred space" Idea. If the customers heard the Chef yelling at his employee in the dining room, he's wrong. I guess its not easy being a Prophet, for profit. It's not up to the reporter to get involved, he should have done the right thing, gather his party and leave. The Chef already showed his true colors, by staying,I would have also showed mine, by leaving....Chef Bill
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I think that while the reporter was out of line in taking it upon himself to go into the kitchen, the chef was the one doing the yelling and if patrons heard him berating an employee he is definitely in the wrong.  If I was that reporter I would have apologized to my dining companions and explained to them that I can't sit here and lisen to the chef acting like that so I have to leave.  On my way out I would have found a manager and let them know exactly why we are leaving and can they make sure to let the chef know our comments. 
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Tell you a funny story about NY Times and Gael Greene. Many years ago I did some work for Buzzy O Keefe the owner of River Cafe and Water Club,and a few other upscale places. Ms. Greene had given River a bad revue.

     Weeks later she strolls into Water  Cub unannounced as this is way it is done. Buzzy was sitting at the bar having a few libations. He saw her coming in ,proceeded to get(stumble) off his  bar stool  goes over to her and her entourage and tells them Get The H---- out of my place you Dumb B----. They left. Buzzy and the 2 places became even more successful !!!!!!! Moral of story Not everyone needs the Times.
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his dad is such a quiet guy.....perfectionist but certainly not loud.

The writer didn't go through the appropriate channels....

waived him away as though he was a bug?!  not a good move.
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The chef, Forgione -- no matter what is father is like --  was an obnoxious bully.  Personally, I hate a bully, and might well have gone into the kitchen to stop the abuse.  When I was younger I would have invited him to step outside with me. 

While I hate to disagree with Shroom, it does not make sense to send a quiet word by way of the maitre d' -- if there was one.  S/'he surely could nor would not have acted to end the tirade.  We already know how the chef treats FOH.

As far as I'm concerned, the reporter's only mistake was not to leave the restaurant after telling the chef off.  You're either indignant or you're not. 

After learning that his tantrum was heard throughout the restaurant, the chef should have comped every patron dessert by way of apology.  His behavior was inexcusable. 

As a side note, my disagreement rate with Caterchef remains unblemished. 



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/img/vbsmilies/smilies/bounce.gifI have at times invited many cooks and waiters to step outside for an "attitude ajustment"

Especially if I caught them stealing, destroying food or telling lies." Firing them just didn't seem to be enough" Nowadays I just carry a S&W.357 /img/vbsmilies/smilies/laser.gifand you would be suprised how  quiet it is when they know you are "packing." I use to have relatives of the club's competitors come in on busy nights and make a scene and just to be disruptive so, I have no problem with asking anyone to leave the property./img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif
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CaterChef, I guess I was wrong, good teaching's don't come from years of experience. Nothing like managing through intimidation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Chef Bill
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I'm going to leave this topic open for civilized discussion. No personal attacks, please and leave your excess testosterone elsewhere.
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Remember that old '70's song?:  "The whole world's gone crazy, crazy, hey baby, ya wanna go crazy with me?"

Reporter/Journalist:  Don't understand, did he actually walz in to the kitchen  during service?

Arogant?Ignorant? Coke habit? Ex-Sysco Rep? What?

Maitre D'/ Service:  Don't understand, did they actually let a prick like the above waltz into the kitchen during service?  Surely they must have known about the Chef being a foul-mouthed jerk, and the consequences of having anothe jerk waltz into the kitchen during service.

Chef: He must have been fired a few times for his "emotional outbursts" prior to this.  Scream at the top of your lungs and the owner/maitre D'  will fix you but good.

All three deserve to be fired from thier jobs and start a Subway franchise...........



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One of  Chef Marc Forgione's employees replied:

Just to be clear, I work at this restaurant and was present that night. I have worked in Marc's restaurant since the day it opened and am proud to stand by him. Mr Leiber portrays the situation as if he were standing up for the little guy. I understand the uncomfortable feelings he had towards the loud commentary out of the kitchen that night, which lasted all of 10 seconds. However there were many other ways of communicating his displeasure, he could have said something to his server, asked the hostess to change tables, called the manager over or simply left the restaurant if he felt so uncomfortable. He chose none of those actions.

I am no shrinking violet and would not work for someone who was abusive. it is clear to me that Mr. Leiber has never worked in a restaurant or in any collective production where the heat of the moment can get the better of ones better judgement. Marc Forgione is passionate about food and in providing people with an amazing dining experience as is the staff of the restaurant who stand behind him in support.


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I'm going to leave this topic open for civilized discussion. No personal attacks, please and leave your excess testosterone elsewhere.
Thank you Greg.

I suppose the lesson here is that pros live and work in a kitchen and there is a certain type of behavior specific to every kitchen.  If this is kitchen culture for MT's place then so be it, but, MF should keep kitchen culture in the kitchen.  This reporter guy OTOH has no clue.  I'm sure there are some kitchens where behavior like MF's is never condoned, but I know some kitchens which thrive on abusive language.  (go figure)

Not in my kitchen though.


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I'm actually surprised the cooks didn't throw the guy out.  I've worked under many different types of chefs, including rather abusive ones, but no matter how abusive he was (as long as the guy could cook us all under the table) we'd stand up for him in a heartbeat.

Since I wasn't there to witness the alleged incident I can't comment on the chef's behavior, but as for the Times guy, he crossed the line and should have been thrown out on his butt, and told in no uncertain terms that he wasn't welcomed back.
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