hyper-concentrating brine to shorten length of time

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hello chefs:

i'm brining a heap of turkey breasts, and concentrated the solution to be close to 4x as intense to shorten the brining time.

If i'd done everything by the books, brine time is up to 72 hours for bone-in; mine is boneless. My plan is keeping the time in the solution (well) under 14 hours.

Has anyone had experience in trying to expedite the brining process? Is this a matter of the basic math I've done, or am I rapidly transforming my delicious turkey breasts into inedible salt bombs?
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Under 14 hours is plenty of time without the concentration - for boneless breasts, I wouldn't do more than 12 hours.

"up to 72 hours" !!! We left a turkey in a brine for 3 days due to circumstances beyond out control - it turned into rubbery lunch meat - bleh.
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i had already placed the turkey in the brine when i started this thread, so completely reversing course wasn't 100% an option, and here's the update:

kept it in the concentrated brine for about 9 hours, rinsed very well, baked like a typical roast at high heat to start, then dropped down and covered, pulled it at an internal 160 degrees. turned out very nicely seasoned, neither too salty nor underseasoned, nor did it have a cured/hammy quality to its flavor; great texture, very tender, not rubbery at all.

the brine had very little acid in it, which i'm sure helped not wreck the process, mostly just your typical sugar : salt : water ratios (amplified, obvi) + aromatics. and it worked. turkey's delicious. thumbs up.

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