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Do the herbs taste any different?

Also, is it expensive to run the pump etc? I'd like to grow herbs all yr round and thought of hydroponics as an option. I'm no green thumb. Is this difficult to do? I was looking into some set ups. They are pricey. Any suggestions would help.

Thank you!
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I don't think the herbs would taste any differently.

But I don't think it's necessary to get that ornate. Herbs, in general, do not need to be fed heavily. Most of them are native to semi-arid, unfertile soils. So a container of potting soil, and occasional watering, is all you need.

More important would be light. In the winter, particularly, supplemental lighting becomes important.
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KYH is right. 

However, I will diverge on the taste issue as I have used plenty of herbs that have been grown in soil, soiless mix and hydroponic / areoponic.  I have found that the herbs that are grown hydro / areo are ever so slightly less pungent than their soil borne counterparts.  But the production you get out of hydro / areo offsets that slight nuance.  Realy though, it is only viable if you are growing commercially. 

   Like KHY said, a well draining soiless mix with plenty of light is your best bet for home if it is only herbs you want to grow.
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Hydroponics for horticultural crops as well as for fodder crops can be practised in india.
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