Husband of wife who loves to cook needs some help...What length steel for 10" knife

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Good morning!

I'm buying my wife a mothers day gift consisting of a 10" Ergo Pro Chefs knife and a 10" Ergo Diamond oval steel.

I'm wondering if the 12" steel would be better...more versatile than the 10".

The steel hasn't arrived from Amazon yet but I can always return and get the 12" if need be.   


Thank you!!
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I own a 8" and a 12" steel. Honestly i wish i had a 10" the 12" is much bigger and harder to hold with my style of use. If you plan on using the way directions tell you to,  Holding end against cutting board and sliding knife downward. I always hold mine in air, with my 12' it just seems more difficult but that's probably because i gave up on getting better at it and use my 8" 

Which I only own a 10" and a 8" chef knife( my longest). both wusthof classic ikon series

So i would say the 10' would be great especially if she is petite, some of the 12' are around 1+ inch thick and could be more difficult to handle with ease. ( my opinion and experience with them )

Hope it helps i'm sure she will enjoy it!  I say keep the one you got!
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I agree with jlmassey: if she is short/petite the 10" would probably be best. I only own a 10" and I'm a pretty big guy. It's a perfect fit!
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