Hungarian wines are very good ! Try Tokaj Essence for your next dinner party right...

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    Hungarian wines are very good ! Try Tokay Essence for your next dinner party right before the dessert.

    The Hungarian vineyards are situated in the
    Carpathian basin. The continental climate is
    prevalent, while the influence of the Atlantic Ocean,
    and in the southern wine districts, the Mediterranean
    is also felt. The climate between regions and across
    years may vary a lot as a result. Although mean
    annual temperature is 10.5 °C, and mean average
    rainfall is 600 mm, there are significant variances.
    Currently there are 22 wine districts in Hungary.

    3 these are located on the Great Plain,
    between the Tisza and Danube rivers.
    These wine districts contain 45% of
    the vineyards of the country in terms
    of area. The other wine districts are in
    the Trans-Danube (15) and in
    Northern Hungary (4). The size of the
    wine districts varies. The Somló and Mór districts
    are the smallest, with areas below 1,000 hectares,
    while the Kunság wine district is the largest, with
    around 38,500 hectares. Most wine districts are within
    the range of 1,000 and 5,000 hectares.

    Hungary produces excellent, powerfull fruit brandies
    (pálinka): barack from appricots,
    cseresznye from cherries, körte
    from pears, alma from apples
    and szilva from plums.
    And there is Unicum, a bitter
    panacea made from a secret
    herbal recipe, the traditional
    bottle of the Zwack Unicum is round shape.

    you can read more about Hungarian wines :

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    Just thought I might remind everyone that Hungarian wines killed 5 people a couple of years ago by adding anitfreeze to their wines. Lets hope they are practicing better methods these days. I have tried some of the wines listed and they are very nice and relatively inexpensive.