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Friday I spent 3 hours in the shaping room @Amy's Bread. Wow! I used to think I was pretty good with a chunk of dough. I think these guys could shape in their sleep. Small boules shaped one in each hand. Small torpedos shaped with lightning speed and remarkable uniformity. Looks like I have a lot to learn :)

Today I start working an 8 hour shift, 3-4 days a week. A couple of weeks in the shaping room working 12-8 starts things off. I am a weird combo of nervous and excited.

Film @11!
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I thought since we hadn't heard from you, someone had bludgeoned you with a baguette for insubordination. No, but seriously, I've been wondering how it's going, and it looks as though you're at least inspired, if not tired. Keep up the hard work, Kyle!
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I spent 7 hours shaping bread yesterday. I will do the same today and then again tomorrow. This is very cool stuff! It's amazing how much I don't know. It's also amazing how somethings all of a sudden just click. The volume of bread is incredible. From this bakery she supports 3 retail outlets and a wholesale business. It almost makes me wish I didn't have to look for a slightly better paying occupation :)
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It's called dominance where the muscles in one hand are far more extensively developed than in the other, the dominant hand having better developed muscles due to more frequent usage.

I think that you see a prime example of this phenomenon in the film FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX where the survivors, while crossing the Sahara on foot, forced themselves to take a right turn occasionally - due to right leg dominance. In other words, over the long haul, they were naturally walking counterclockwise and to cross in a "straight line", they needed to compensate for right leg dominance by turning right occasionally.
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May not be a knead for a better paying job. You should be able to make pretty good money on the side, in the local gin-mill. After some time in the shaping room you should be able to take anyone (arm-wrestling).
Just a thought . You'll notice the great ones have the dough chasing them, they are never chasing the dough.
good luck
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Kyle, sounds like a great experience!!! I, myself am learning some shaping techniques from a baker who worked for Steve Sullivan(Acme Bread). Isn't it truly a humbling experience when you think you know so much and then you walk in to those guys who can do it in their sleep? I'll bet you'll become quite good in no time----enjoy!
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