Humid, mildewy smelling garlic?

Joined Feb 20, 2021
So I regularly buy a certain organic brand of garlic at my local Shoprite (NJ grocery store chain). Last month when I bought it I noticed that the garlic came from Spain instead of Mexico, where it regularly comes from. I thought "wow, this is amazing!" Except it wasn't. The garlic has this almost mildewy smell to it. Like it has mold or something. Plus, the garlic itself is like slightly humid. Like not wet, but the skin isn't papery or totally dry either. When you actually peel it, the garlic itself looks, smells, and tastes fine. But should I be worried? Last time I bought it, I was paranoid and threw it out, but we just bought that same brand again and it has the same exact smell. What should I do? Is it probably fine?
Joined Jul 13, 2012
I grow garlic and sometimes toward the end of life if it's really humid where I store it it can get a little smudge on the outside and start to sprout. It's only on the paper and I cut the sprout out as it can be on the bitter side. That said if it smells and tastes OK after it's peeled then I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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