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Hiya im Rob a head chef for a contract caterers in the UK. Yeah I know, another Brit. Ive actually been a regular to Chef Talk for oooh over a year I think. Often coming here to check up on stories all over the globe and pick up recipe ideas and trends. I had registered before a long time ago around the same time that the Chef working in Sicily was posting a regular diary about his work there. Brilliant stuff.

Anyway I registered back up again now because in the latter part of last year I landed my first Head Chef role so im actually in a position to make changes and improve standards as management seem to want. Exciting times ahead. Thought, "Chef talk" would be a big help to me as ive got internet access in work via my managers PC which im allowed to use freely and also due to contract catering hours it means ive my weekends and evenings available to research and conversate with other proffessionals here. (Thank God I got out of those hotel/restaurant hour shifts).

Anyway expect to see me around asking advice, questions and hopefully throwing my advice and experience into the hat when called upon. :)
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Welcome back, Robbo! You are right, this is a great place to come for ideas and good talk. As you were here before, you no doubt know about the Global Chefs' forum and the other professional forums on the board.

Please re-introduce yourself (interests, etc.) here in the Welcome Forum, then continue the culinary discourse in the other forums.

Good to see you! This is the kind of "British invasion" we welcome.

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Welcome 'back'. As the new head chef, what exactly are you doing for your establishment... menu changes and the like? I'd like to take a look at your most recent menu, if you care to share.
Thanks! And welcome!
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