huge career change on the way!

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Hello all!

I'm finally getting near to ending a unfullfilling career and jumping into being a chef for a very small restaurant attached to a Bed and Breakfast (the B&B owned by myself and business partner and best friend..eventually). We're still in the business plan stage and we know that I must utilize the restaurant for us to be successfull. I can cook, but I certainly don't know nearly enough.. so now it's time to learn and enjoy this new direction.

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Wow, Derrek! You have a broad array of experiences to bring to your new life. We're glad you've found us.

If you use the search function you're sure to find earlier discussions about B&Bs, career changes to the culinary field, and plenty of other topics to interest you. The professional forums should allow you to share and learn from some really good people.

Welcome to our community!

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