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Good morning all :)

I am a hobby/home cook from Canada.  I have been cooking since I was small.  While I enjoy all cooking (and not so much cleaning), I am renowned among my friends for my baking.  That started when I was maybe 10; my brother and I kept bugging my mother for some cookies.  She was busy and eventually said "If you want some, make them yourself."  We looked at each other, as we had never realized that was an option.  My current physique is testament to how I took her up on her offer.  Otherwise, I enjoy cooking a variety of ethnic and Canadian dishes.  I have taken a few cooking classes here in Canada and try to incorporate a cooking class into some of my international travels. I've been a lurker here for a while, and have finally joined as a member.


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Welcome! Be sure to go sniffing around in the baking forum; lots of stuff going on there!

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