Howlin' at the moon...

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well, it's that time of the month again...(no, not pms...i have guns to deal with that!), but the full moon week....sleep is elusive, people seem extra crazy, and customers just get a little more nutso/wacko than usual...this just happened in a phone call...

caller: i'd like to make a reservation but would like to know what's on your menu first

me: i recited the menu

caller: can you make a grilled cheese sandwich?

me: we do have a children's menu, but we do not have a grilled cheese sandwich on it

caller: well, can you make one anyway?

me: no, not really..i don't have the cheeesy bread or cheese, we do have other nice choices..i recited the

      kids menu

caller: it's not for my kids, it's for my wife and actually my 18 year old daughter

me: adults cannot order off the kids menu's for kids

caller: my wife and 18 year old daughter only eat 'childlike' foods. they don't eat adult food

me: then get them a happy meal!..we can simplify a dish for them like spaghetti with oil and herbs or 

       butter and cheese, or plain marinara if they like

caller: do you have chicken fingers or nuggets on your kids menu?

me:  we have nothing fried on either the kids or regular menu, but again adults cannot order off the kids


caller: i get that...i would like to make a reservation if you can make a grilled cheese sandwich for my wife

         and daughter

me: at this point sir all i can do is to put you on a waitlist for the weekend

caller: fine

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Love it!!! Sir, I can make you a grilled cheese sandwich, the price on that will be $25. What time would you like me to put you on the wait list for, as we do not have any openings at this point.
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For you durangojo, the good snicker; practically a nicker.  For the customer the bad snicker, more like a spit take.  What a maroon.


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