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Just joined, checking in from Mayville, ND. Starting up a little dive of a spot here in Mayville we are calling Howlerz BBQ and Country Bistro. Opening May 12 (We hope). LOL. The wife is retired school teacher and has never worked in a restaurant in her life. Me I have grown up in them and worked restaurants for years. Got this chance to do our own thing and here we are taking that leap.

So gonna do some texas style smoke and pair it up with western Carolina style sauces. throw in some of that southern comfort classic stick your ribs cooking. Then blow there minds with those gourmet touches louches like mac n cheese made the RIGHT way.. you know.. like start with a béchamel then add the 4 or 5 cheeses and sprinkle the top with a bit of panko and toast for that touch of crispyness just before service. I know you all do it the same way, but around all these places folks eat that serve food open a can, heat it up and put on a plate. =( so sad..

Time for a change.


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Welcome to Chef Talk!!!  We have lots of first time, and veteran, restaurant owners here so there is wealth of knowledge on many of the pitfalls of getting a place open.  Please feel free to share your journey with us and ask any questions you might have.

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