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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have recently went to Fasta Pasta with a few family members ( in australia ) and enjoyed a dish called Ravioli Milanese. I was wondering if anyone knew what ingredients were in it and how to go about cooking it. I rarely ever cook and when i do they are your normal meat and vegies dishes as my cooking experience is very limited.

Making for 4 people.

Minced meat
A tomato based sauce ( a tip on what is nice/which is best would be nice)
Creme fraiche to make the sauce creamy ( how much should i add ? 2 -3 tablespoons ? ) 
Mozarella melted through the sauce

This is what i could find upon searching the internet for this recipe which seems to be non-existent, the pasta i can cook fine, the sauce im a bit scratchy on.

brown the mince then add to the tomato based sauce and add the cream bring to a simmer then melt the cheese through it ?

Any help would be greatly appreicated.

Thanks in Advance,

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Hello Zygan, and welcome to Chef Talk. The Welcome Forum is for introductions only, so I'll move your recipe request to the appropriate forum. Please come back to the Welcome Forum to introduce yourself.

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