Howdy from southeast Texas!

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Hi, my name is Josh and I have always enjoyed cooking.  That job falls mainly on myself at the house, with assistance from my wife and daughters who I am also teaching what I have learned over the years.  

My dad was a chef in the navy, so that probably means cook, not chef, to many of you but he did teach me a few things that created the base of my culinary knowledge.  However, I am now seeking to expand my limited knowledge of traditional American and TexMex cooking with more international and exotic cooking such as mediterranean, asian, creole, French and many others. I am interested in learning techniques as well as recipes.  I consider myself a pretty good recipe follower and everyone always loves what I make but if I could master techniques I think I would be able to create more unique dishes.  

I am also beginning my journey into kitchen essentials.  I love cast iron and cook with it almost exclusively in the kitchen, with exception to a wok I just got and obviously pots and sheets, etc. I came to this forum in a quest to discover the value of Shun knives and I have heard the opinions of those such as BDL (I think - known as the guru?) and I'm sure I'll have many other requests as well.  This just being an intro, I think we have success.  

Thanks in advance for all the help I'm sure this community will offer.
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