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Just joining this forum.

What prompted it was that I heard on the radio while driving to work an ad for Culinary Academy of Long Island.  I've always been into cooking and have been meaning to become more serious about it.  Not necessarily looking to become a professional chef but I've been meaning to really learn the science behind cooking as well as establish some good fundamentals.  Sure a professional school is probably overkill but I figure that I'd rather over prepare than under prepare.  Not to mention, I've always done exceptionally well in a structured program that is planned out start to finish.

Not sure if I should make a separate topic for this, but wondering if anybody has heard anything about the Culinary Academy of Long Island.  Star Career Academy is the parent organization.  I met with a guy there today who showed me around and it looks on the level.  The accreditations and history all seem to place this place as on the level and not just out to make a quick buck.  But, in my experience, it's easy enough to fake all that especially when you've only spent a quick 5 minutes touring the place.

Just wondering what people have heard about the place?

They have a program starting next week and I want to make a decision ASAP as the next program starts in December.

Oh about me,

I have a day job in business.  I'm a college graduate from Boston with a BS in Business.  Living in Long Island now.  I ride a motorcycle.

That's about it, don't know what else to say.

Anything anyone has heard about Culinary Academy of Long Island would be greatly appreciated.

I couldn't find too much info in a search on the forum.
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Welcome, Bubbleboys. I enjoyed reading about how you were encouraged to cook from family experiences. ChefTalk is a good place to connect with others who are passionate about food and cooking. Some of us are culinary students, so the culinary students' forum would be a good place to do a search about CALI. If you don't find anything recent about it, go right ahead and start a thread to ask others who may know about it.

I hope you come here often to learn and to share.




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Welcome, Bubbleboys. Yes please start a separate topic in the culinary student's forum it is probably the best place for that.
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Bubbleboy ! Don't want to break your bubble(no Pun Intended) but this school has about 2 or 3 others in the area. It owns NY restaurant school on West  14th st. in the city which used to be NY Institute of Dietetics(I taught there for 4 years, and was the only NY licensed instructor) Some were housewives who worked weekends for a caterer.These schools make a lot of profit and are really not that good. When in their own advertising  they state you are qualified for entree level jobs like Sous Chef or Gard'e Mangers  you know something is not right because neither of these jobs are entree level.Save your money get a job in a restaurant and learn under real circumstance with a competent chef. Check out their faculty and their credentials, call ex students.
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