Howdy from Denver!

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Hi all, been lurking on the site for years, figured it's time to make a real account :)

I'm an exec chef in the Denver metro, currently running an independent modern-American restaurant in Aurora. Started out in the industry when I was 16 as "sandwich artist" at Subway and continued to do the QSR and chain thing for the next 8 years before I got serious. I went through a Le Cordon Bleu program back in '05, and been working my way around and up for the last decade. Been in hotels, country clubs & catering, but my heart is here in upscale restaurant dining.

Anyway, cheers!
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Hello Maravedi!  We are glad you finally made your public debut!  Welcome to Cheftalk!  We do get a lot of "lurkers" but we love to get to know new members.  Please feel free to post in the professional forums as there are plenty of others like yourself who can offer support, advice, and general camaraderie.  You are probably already familiar with the many helpful articles, galleries, reviews and other resources this great site has to offer. Thanks for becoming a member!
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