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if you were to design a culinary art school, how would you like this school to look from the outside? (the exterior)
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Meh, the building?

I would loooove to design a curiculum though.

See, I'd offer course 1 to highschool grads with no previous experience, course duration 3 mths.  This would provide the basics for the bottom of the ladder cooking jobs.

Course 2 (3 mths again) would be only available to those completing course 1  AND with at least 6 mths working experience after completion of course 1.  Upon completing course 2 it would be "recommended" to all employers to up the pay for course 2 graduates by at least 25% above course 1 grads.

Course 3 (3 mths) would be availabe only to those who have completed course 2 and again at least 6 mths working experience after completion of course 3.  Again, "recommeded" payscale for course 3 would be 25% above course 2 grads. 

Upon competion of course 3 graduates are recognized as COOKS, not Chefs.

I know, I know, it's just not the way things are done, eh? See, N. American culinary schools have this nasty habit of "front end loading" of knowledge:   One or two years  of pure knowledge and no working exprience in the field.

Meh, I'm just an employer with over 25 years in the biz, what do I know about culinary schools?
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